Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mission Statement

A few months back, well actually over a year now, DC relaunched the DC comic book universe following the events of Flashpoint. Flashpoint itself was significant in that it took the DC Universe and shoved it through the transformational filter of an Elseworlds story while removing any hope  for an undo or reset button. Quite simply Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert were crafting a new normal for DC Comics. Part of that new normal included placing a sharp focus on Cyborg, who is now, reasonably, from the Motor City: Detroit, Michigan. 

That combined with the demise of one of my favorite titles at the time (Doom Patrol by Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark with assists from various folks) inspired me to consider crafting another blog for another favorite character. At the time, there was no blog devoted to Vic Stone. "I'll start a Cyborg blog!" Yeah, I started it. It sat there and did absolutely nothing. 

At the time I worked in the heart of downtown Detroit. As you've seen, heard, read or dreamed, the city is struggling to survive and find itself. It's not doing so without a fight though. Fueled by the blue collar mentality that made the automobile an American institution, Detroit is bouncing back with pockets of greatness and innovation that is inspiring to see. Since then, I've returned to the suburbs, thanks to a new job closer to home. I still love Detroit, but I digress. 

This blog is not about Detroit. You can check out any number of blogs for that, including Detroit Unspun and Positive Detroit

This is also not a blog exclusively about Cyborg. I love Cyborg and the character deserves some love. My focus on Vic Stone here will be directed towards the New DCU version of the now iconic DC character. 

Despite my unabashed love for the Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton Detroit-based Justice League of America, this blog is not about the original Justice League Detroit (or Motor City League as James Robinson termed it during Blackest Night). You can go here for a blog completely dedicated to that. The proprietor of that blog, Frank, will almost certainly have some highlights of his own in days to come. 

So what is this going to be about? 

This is a blog about the New 52 metro-Detroit based heroes. I'll be dialing the focus in on Cyborg and Vibe mostly (Vibe since he has his own series, Cyborg since he deserves it) but will occasionally extend the coverage to include other heroes from Michigan in the New 52 DC Universe, like:

Jay Garrick - East Lansing (of Earth 2) 
Simon Baz - Dearborn
Guy Gardner - Ann Arbor

I've got a few other blogs going on, I review comics for CBR, and I have 3 kids that manage to fill a great deal (greatly) of my free time. What that means is this is, most likely, the most inconsistent blog you'll ever read. No, I'm not trying to scare you away, nor am I making excuses, I'm just saying the posts may have lulls in between, but I'll try to make it worth your time when they do happen. 

In the meantime, if you're looking for things to do in the D (that's what we lovingly call our fair city), be sure to check the Unspun blog linked above or try Cobo for some higher profile events, like details on the North American International Auto Show. It's almost springtime in southeast Michigan, which means Tiger fever is starting to spread just a little. Until then, we're on the eve of DC Comics releasing Justice League of America and Justice League of America's Vibe. For more on those, tune back in soon.