Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vibe's Solo Series

I've been looking forward to seeing more action and excitement in the comic version of the Motor City since Vic Stone's first appearance in Geoff Johns' Justice League. Then we got Baz from Dearborn (which borders Detroit) and now we've got Vibe joining in. 

Comic Book Resources recently interviewed the recently re-designated co-writer of Justice League of America's Vibe, Andrew Kreisberg. Here's the link for that story.  

The crux of the interview, however, is this:

Detroit, which is where Darkseid's invasion started in Geoff and Jim's Justice League book, is now unstable. Pockets of the membrane of reality have been so badly damaged there that things are constantly falling through from other dimensions. And Vibe is there to help clean up the mess. Even he says that is kind of ironic being Hispanic that he has become a dimensional border patrolman.
It all starts in the D, my friends. It all starts in the D.