Thursday, March 13, 2014

Justice League of Bloggers - Steve Garcia Crossover

Over a year since I've posted here?! And Cyborg STILL doesn't have a series!??! I'm not sure which is more preposterous. At any rate, I'm playing nice with the Justice League of Bloggers and thought I'd represent Cyborg over here. We're doing a lovely little crossover today to celebrate some art from Steve Garcia.

With each silhouette, Garcia drops in a relevant gradient and a buzzword. In this case, Vic is hit with "Vitality." That's an interesting choice as it means the power or ability to continue in existence, live, or grow."
The outer silhouette is clearly from the New 52 bust for Vic Stone, but the inner shadow of him catching a football I'm guessing is from the first issue of Justice League.

Here's some links to his stuff on the this here internet: 

Oh! Speaking of the crossover, check out my comrades in blogging and their pieces on Garcia's work: 

Then there are some previously posted pieces of Mr. Garcia's featuring the following:

And another pair of links for my own blogs:
Red Tornado
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Check them all out. Come back and let me know what you think. Or maybe sound off on the new blogs after clicking through. Enjoy!

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